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February 14, RAMT, Moscow

Unlike our first evening, we decided not to take classical numbers anymore, stopping the attention and attention of the audience in a new, modern choreography.


The project "Dancing about Love" was held on Valentine's Day in Moscow for the second time. This year his program has become more focused: the organizers have focused on the choreography that was born during the life of the current audience - the oldest of the presented numbers, the fragment of "Park" by Angelin Preljocaj, was staged in 1994. The list of participants, on the contrary, became wider - together with the soloists of the Mariinsky Theater danced representatives of the Bolshoi and Perm theaters, the National Ballet of Cuba.


Along with the "Park", which the organizers see as the emblem of their own concert and they plan to include in the program annually, the duet from the "The Nutcracker Company" Jean-Christophe Mayot, a fragment of another old acquaintance - the play "Rain" Radu Poklitaru; favorite for many on the television project "The Big Ballet" Alexis Miroshnichenko's number "Nocturne" (Ksenia Barbashova and Alexander Taranov perfected it to perfection), the novelty of Vladimir Barnabas "You are cream in my coffee" and "Swan" by Cuban Daniel Proietto - a nostalgic explanation of love in ballet history, classics and own childhood memories.


In the allusions, the opening act of the premiere - the one-act "Vision of the Rose" by Vladimir Varnava. In this ballet the simple-minded maiden, after singing on a rose, blinds her eyes with petals, falls asleep and sees a brutal man with a bare torso and a skirt with pink underwear. The Petersburg dancer Alexander Chelidze presented to the choreographer and his hero his own choreographic language, worked out and honed for years, - a combination of fluidity and explosive energy, reminiscent of melting steel.

But where Fokine leaves the dots, Barnabas only has a comma - the awakened heroine meets her dream and learns to exist with her in reality. The "Visions of the Rose" pride became the highlight of the "Dance of Love" program. For Russia, ordering a new production by the organizers of concerts or festivals is still a unique practice. Therefore, the organizers of the project provided attention not only to the public, but also interesting choreographers still not overloaded with orders from our theaters. (Anna Galaida, ballet critic)

Новый канал

Новый канал

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